Monday, 13 June 2011

Money Saving Monday

Welcome to Monday and this week's money saving tips:

- Get your books and movies from the library. I love books and read a lot. While I buy many of the books I read, I try to get what I can from the library. Our family makes use of the public library system quite a bit.  If you have not checked out what your local library has to offer, I highly suggest you make an effort to do so.  Also, many libraries have movies that can be checked out. It sure beats paying Blockbuster or Netflix.  Simply put, it’s hard to beat free – Thank you London Public Library!

- Drive your car longer. The buy new versus used debate often overlooks the most important factor–how long you own your car. Just because you’ve paid off your car, doesn’t mean you now have to get a new(er) one.  Drive it as long as you safely can and go without the payments for substantial savings.  HOWEVER, as soon as the payments are gone, be sure to redirect them to some sort of investment!

Stay tuned for more tips next Monday.