Monday, 19 September 2011

Money Saving Money - Tech Tips

In today’s fast paced environment many people feel the need to have the latest and greatest technology just to keep up, while others shy away technology as much as possible.  For those of you who shy away from technology for whatever reason, here are a couple of ideas to get you going and best of all, to save you money!

- Buy refurbished equipment and gadgets. These are often just as good as new products, providing the same quality of service. While most people are familiar with refurbished car parts, a lot of popular electronic equipment can be purchased refurbished, too. For example, you can get a refurbished Mac computer, iPod, and iPhone.

- You can often get software free of charge for your computer. This is called Open Source software. Instead of blowing hundreds of dollars on Microsoft Office Suite, get Open Office. Similarly, if you need Photoshop, save another couple of hundred dollars by getting GIMP free.

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